Weekend Away

November 3, 2008

Things have been a bit tense in the My so-called household (what the hell else do you call it when your first kid arrived only six months ago, neither of you know what you are doing professionally, and, really, you still haven’t figured out who you are even if you are someone’s parent?) so we decided to get away for a bit this weekend to break the monotony and just be “the three of us.”  It was definitely worth it!  We schlepped the baby out to the mountains of central Virginia and spend the weekend laughing, talking, playing cards, and taking the snapper up and down treacherous mountain passes. The hike, which should have been easy given it was in the hills of Virginia, completely kicked my Coloradan ass. Sure, sure the foliage was beautiful but I am still in awe of how I survived with the baby strapped to my chest in the Ergo.  It was my idea of a great afternoon- a challenging workout in a gorgeous setting. 


My idea of a good time

My idea of a good time

And My so-called husband (or Nature Boy) was a trooper.  I really knew the trip had been worth it when, at the end of the hike as we pulled out our remaining Sunchips to munch on, My so-called husband said, “we’re going downhill, on a paved road, and eating chips at the same time.  This is my idea of a great hike.”  And it made me re-realize that one of the things I love so much about being in a relationship with a true partner is that you find joy in different things and are able to share those moments with each other- whether it be working out until your legs shake or eating junk food.  So go eat some leftover Halloween candy!


Mysocalled husband's idea of a good time

My so-called husband's idea of a good time


One Response to “Weekend Away”

  1. Your so-called husband Says:

    Are you kidding, I love nature. Bug-less nature. Look at all the nature on the side of the road in the picture! It’s beautiful, and much better to enjoy when you’re walking downhill on a flat surface… eating chips… Also, are SunChips really junk food? Really? It’s multigrain, so it must be pretty healthy.

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