I have a friend/mentor crush on Michelle Obama

November 5, 2008


Yes, it’s true- I have a major friend/mentor crush on Michelle Obama.  One of the true highlights last night was in watching the body language between Barack and Michelle.  That couple has some serious chemistry! (and how long has it been since that was the case in the White House?! George and Laura? Not since he had a drink… Bill and Hillary? Hello, marriage of convenience. George and Barbara? Yuck. The Gipper and Nancy? Let’s not even go there.)  I also appreciate how they seem to really admire and respect one another- how balanced their relationship seems to be.  Michelle is going to be the most KICK ASS first lady- she’ll be active and vocal and will use the position effectively- and not in the Hillary Clinton Health Care Reform way. I mean talk about an example to working mothers (step aside, Sarah Palin)- she seems to balance career and family with such poise, confidence, and competence.  I would kill just to see her day planner- I bet it is color coded and comes with all kinds of tricked out post-it tags.


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