Transition teams

November 6, 2008


The Transition Team

The Transition Team


All the talk about Barack Obama’s transition team as he prepares to take office in January got me thinking… how cool would it be if women had transition teams for re-entering the working world after having a kid?! They could swoop in like all of those TLC shows and miraculously solve every difficulty you are facing.

Economic Team: They’d make sure it is financially worth going back to work.  They’d pay your bills for you and set up a magic budget that you never exceed – like, say, $700 billion a month.

Intelligence Team: They’d teach you tricks for remembering all of the things you constantly have to write down on tiny slips of paper which you then lose in the bottom of that damn diaper bag.

Security Team: Baby-proofing.

Communications Team:  They’d help you with messaging for effective partner communication. 

Health Care Team:  They’d offer truly universal care including taking the baby’s temperature, giving him his eye drops, and, of course, changing all his diapers.

Housing Team: You guessed it- cooking, cleaning, the works.

Now I just need to get Rahm Emanuel on board…


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