BAA, BAA black sheep

November 7, 2008


Black Sheep

Black Sheep


I am the black sheep in my family- I am the one who is going to save the world.  You see, I come from a family of artists and academics.  They are giving to the world through art and beauty.  I somehow got the short-end of the creativity stick and ended up with an overdeveloped sense of moral obligation.  So off I went to work for social justice causes and to get a frickin’ Masters in Social Work.  

The kicker, though, is that I was also raised Quaker and one of the mantras in Quakerism is that you go in to do good and end up doing well- wink, wink.  So, confession time, I have had this distorted sense that I am going to change the world and, thanks to a karmic pay off, end up making boat loads of money.  But my recent realization is that a lot of these Quakers who supposedly went in to do good and ended up doing well- they were bankers and lawyers who, once they made bank, then did good things with their $$.

So where does that leave me and my so-called mission to make the world a better place?  SOL, I guess.


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