Wash Behind Your Ears

November 10, 2008


Wash Behind Your Ears

Wash Behind Your Ears



Today was an exhilarating day. I sat for a good number of hours on the couch holding a teething baby who’s only goal was to be cuddled while he tugged on things like tags on pillows and handfuls of my hair.  While sitting there I was looking behind the baby’s ears and noticed that one of them is pretty dirty. Good thing it is bath night.  As I sat there, looking at the ear gunk I started thinking about all the gunk we have that isn’t readily visible.

The biggest piece of ear gunk that I have been contemplating recently is the guilt I have about my ambivalence both about being a mostly stay-at-home mother and about working.  It is pretty confusing to be unhappy with and guilty about both options.  When I talk to other moms I get a whole host of responses to this issue but most of the time they deny feeling guilty or unhappy with the choices they made or were forced to make.  So is it just me or is it just that they aren’t in touch with their inner ear gunk or maybe that they don’t want to share their ear gunk with others?  While I get not wanting to share your feelings of ambivalence because it somehow makes it more real, I also think that if we are going to change things we need to be more open about how much things suck.  It’s all about solidarity- solidarity in our toe jam, our ear gunk, our belly button lint, and our ambivalence.


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