In the Ghetto…

November 12, 2008


Family-Only Lanes

The Airport Security Ghetto: Family-Only Lanes


Apparently the hot topic of the moment is TSA’s announcement that, starting at Thanksgiving, every airport will have security lines dedicated to families and the handicapped.  From what I have read, a lot of families are excited about this prospect- they like being able to take their time with the little tikes.  Others are up in arms claiming that it is unfair and inappropriate to “ghettoize” families.  All I can say is My so-called family will be flying this holiday season and if people want to call me a grinch they can but there is no way that I will be standing in the line with John & Kate plus 8.

Call me impatient but slow people make me crazy.  I’m a fast walker, I can’t stand it when someone goes into the 10-items-or-less line with a full cart of groceries, and I’m all about efficiency when it comes to security lines at airports. So the idea of being stuck in a line with lots of little kids who are learning how to take their shoes on and off and with parents who have way too many bags to handle makes me cringe.

If efficiency is such a concern for TSA why don’t they set up special lines for the people who didn’t put their toilettries in a ziploc bag, or the people who insist on wearing lace-up hiking boots, or the business person who doesn’t bother to get off their cell phone to empty their pockets until they are passed the conveyor belt for the x-ray machine?

While I have resigned myself to the fact that I may very well be the parent on the plane with the screaming baby who wants to crawl up and down the aisle and, instead, resorts to tearing up every magazine in sight, I am not ready to throw in the towel and be in a line with the Partridge Family x100. Does that make me a cold and heartless person? Oh, well.


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