Calling all lost souls

November 19, 2008



I was at a conference recently where a panel talked about how an internship they had all completed influenced their careers.  One speaker was a woman who has stuck to a very specific path and has been so successful in her field that she has been offered a high-level position in the Obama administration. Not too shabby.  Another speaker said at a number of points that he had been a “lost soul” who wasn’t sure who he was or what he wanted to do.  I hear you, brother.  In the end, all four speakers had done impressive things over the years, even the “lost soul.”  

I guess I should somehow find reassurance and inspiration in their stories since I completed the same internship.  I should feel rejuvinated and ready to take the world by storm.  And yet somehow it has had the opposite effect.  Perhaps it is because I am in that netherworld known as middle management.  I am not yet the head honcho, I am not the newby.  I’m that person who mentors the newby but doesn’t actually know what she’s doing.  I am the person who answers all the questions but is not the “expert.”  Basically, I am bitter and want to be in charge ’cause I think I can do it better but I don’t even know what “it” is. What a winning combination.

So when is it our time?  When do we become the grown-ups?  When does the “lost soul” status go away? Or can I be a directive “lost soul”?  I can live with that too, I’m not picky…


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