Hey, Baby

December 1, 2008


Friday night around midnight.  I am driving home with baby and husband in the back seat.  A car swerves into my lane.  I blast my horn.  It swerves back into its own lane, to my right.  At the next stop light, the car pulls up next to me.  I look over and the guy in the car is smiling at me.  He starts talking, even though my window is up.  I think he is asking for directions so I roll down the passenger window.

Him (slurring his words): “Hey, Baby.  How’s your night going?”

Me: “Fine.”

Him: “Where you going?”

Me: “Home.”

Him: “Do you wanna party?”

Me: “I’ve got my baby in the back seat.”

Him: “Oh. Ok. That’s cool.”

I roll up the window.  Husband asks, “what the hell was that?”  I tell him the whole exchange.  “You should have told him your husband was in the back seat!”  I think to myself, “A baby just seemed scarier.”


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