A tale of two dinners

December 9, 2008

Over  the weekend the baby, the husband, and I headed up to the city of Brotherly Love for a night.  We stayed with some very dear friends from college on Friday night and had a wonderful Shabbat dinner with them.  On Monday night we were back in the Type-A City and had dinner with a group of people from the same college.

The contrast was like night and day and really illustrated so much about this insane city in which we live.

Friday night: The night was completely relaxed, even with an occasionally screaming baby.  We talked about movies, TV shows, music, family, friends (read: gossip), and even work stuff slipped in here and there. It was a relaxing break from the daily grind.


Monday night: First question was, “so what do you do for work these days? Or are you staying home?”  After that it was networking, “wait, you work at xxx agency? Do you know so-and-so?”  And gossip (read: talking about where common acquaintances work).  It felt like a job interview.


Now, to be clear, the people at both dinners were very smart, very ambitious, very well-educated individuals.  But it did feel a bit like having dinner with Ferris Bueller on Friday night and Sigourney Weaver’s character in Working Girl on Monday night. And call me crazy, but who wants to have dinner with a psycho ad exec who steals her assistant’s ideas and then has said assistant pick up her dry cleaning while she is out of town on a ski vacation?


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