In my other life…

December 11, 2008

This is a dead time of year for me in my work life.  I am basically resigned to the fact that there won’t be any new jobs before January.  This down time has been great because I have been able to focus on parenting and preparing for the holidays- I’m a regular Donna Reed, minus the poofy skirts and plates of home-baked cookies.  But it has also given me a lot of time to fantasize about my other life.


Depending on the day, in my other life I am either well on my way to becoming the next Dean of Students at a small liberal arts college or I am the head of a department at a national nonprofit that focuses on women’s issues.

Recently, more often I have been the head of a department at a nonprofit.  In that life I am working 40-50 hour weeks, running trainings, presenting at conferences, and building my reputation as an expert on issues related to violence against women.  In that life I have a small staff working under me and am strengthening my managerial skills.  I have even been invited to speak on television and radio programs.

I’ve got to be honest, sometimes I really miss the  life that was getting me closer to that point of professional success.  I miss being looked to for knowledge and expertise.  I miss that type of responsibility and also the freedom that comes with it.  Someday I’ll get back to some of that professional activity and success.  Until then I’ll settle for sitting down at the end of the evening to eat preservative-free oreo cookies and live vicariously through re-runs of Sex and the City while thanking my lucky stars that my life isn’t John & Kate plus 8.


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