Am I an elephant?

December 12, 2008

I was online today trying to find an article in the women’s health section of the Post.  Couldn’t find the article but did find something else interesting.  The fifth article listed isn’t about women, it isn’t about children, it isn’t even about humans.  It is about elephants.  


Now, it has always bothered me how children’s health articles often get put into the women’s health section.  It seems to imply that all women are mothers and that mothers should be looking for information for their children rather than themselves.  But elephants?! Really?!

In college I took a class called Women, Medicine, and Biology in which we learned about the many ways that women have been marginalized in medicine throughout the years.  It was one of those consciousness raising classes that every young woman should have in college.  My work life has focused, in large part, on feminist issues.  I keep up on feminist writings, theories, etc.  So I consider myself to be pretty darn aware of the inequalities that we face.

But today, seeing the elephants article just made me realize- it is so much worse than I thought.  One of the nation’s largest newspapers can’t even get their content together enough to have the articles in the women’s health section of their site be about women.  

So where does that leave us women?  In the grasslands, I guess.  Foraging for our own information.  So let’s join together as a pack and do it together.  Now, in this time of change, maybe it is the moment to reinvigorate our own movement.  Let’s make these peanuts into peanut butter.


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