Office Holiday Party

December 18, 2008


Today was my husband’s office holiday party so the baby and I made our way down to his office in one of the large, grey, impersonal government buildings just off The Mall.  His office is incredibly family-friendly so we were met with all kinds of oohs and aahs.  M totally put on a show- smiling, giggling, reaching out and caressing women’s jackets, the works.

This was the first large event since I made my new promise to myself about post-modern parenting so I decided that this would be the test.

As we were getting plates of food a woman came up and said, “I’ll hold him while you eat. I have five kids, I’ve babysat for a lot of the kids of people in this office.”  She takes M out of my hands and walks away.  I turn to the husband and say, “Amber Alert.  Do you at least know her?”  Luckily he did.  So away M went with the lady while we ate.

Later on, after a good deal of mingling, the crowd started to thin so I decided it was time to let M move around a bit.  So down to the floor he went.  He started crawling around the room exploring.  Every once in a while he would pull himself up to standing on one chair or another.  And I just tried to let him roam.  He took a mini-tumble or two but no tears.  At times, some of the other young moms there were nervously watching him (and me) but for the most part people were just enchanted by his wandering around.  One older guy even got down on all fours and crawled around with M.

Coming out of the party I realized that so much of that judgment about my parenting that I fear from others is in my head.  If anything, people seemed relieved to see a kid just having fun and exploring.  Maybe in a different environment it wouldn’t have been the case, but for now I am going to take this as an affirmation of post-modern parenting.


2 Responses to “Office Holiday Party”

  1. tamarchansky Says:

    how fortunate for you and for your child that you are clear in your role (and nice that your husband works with such evolved people!!) Nurturing is the new hovering… pass it on!
    Tamar Chansky

  2. Mad-Dog's Mama Says:

    so much of that judgment about my parenting that I fear from others is in my head
    YES! IT IS! At least, the super-judgmental moms in *my* head tell me so 😉 Let’s all vow to work harder to free ourselves of the worst judgments we imagine from others that are really against ourselves.

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