Let them eat dirt!

January 6, 2009



Photo credit: Flickr

A good friend of mine, M, had her second baby yesterday.  Congrats, M!! So yesterday evening I went over to the hospital to meet A- an adorable baby boy.  As we were chatting about her new son, the birth, and what to expect in the next few weeks.  I noted that while there are all of the challenges that come with introducing baby number 2 into an already existing family, at least this time there would be less to worry about in terms of infant care because she had been through it before.  She agreed but then said, “but, you know, there is also stuff to stress about.”  Sigh, so true.

There is always stuff we can stress about in terms of our kids, our careers, our relationships, our lives.  And the “women have been doing this for millenia” mantra can sometimes only get you so far.

But then I think about all that we have that those who came before us didn’t- bumbo seats, schnazzy “developmentally appropriate” toys, anal thermometers that take only 5 seconds to give you a reading. 

So why do we worry so much? Maybe it is all those other things we have access to now- paranoid discussions on the web, parenting segments on the nightly news, you name it.

Maybe the trick is to simplify- go back to some of the basics and use common sense.  As my grandfather (apparently) used to say, “every kids needs to eat a pound of dirt before they are three.”  Maybe we need to just let it happen a bit more.


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