Sell Out?

January 7, 2009

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So I have been back in Type-A City for a week now.  Back from Hippie Town, USA. Ever since the baby was born I have really struggled with leaving the family out in Hippie-ville and have resented Type-A land a lot.  The same has been true this time but to a lesser extent and I couldn’t figure out why.  In many ways, coming back this time is worse- worse weather, don’t know when I will see my parents again- and yet I seem to be more upbeat.

And then, this evening, I realized why it has been easier.  I have been working. 

I got a big contract over the holidays that will be keeping me busy for the next couple of months.  And while it has been very hard to balance parenting and working from home with a mobile baby who has become obsessed with the stairs and all things on shelves, I still feel more at home in my own skin.

It is good to feel like I am using my brain more.  It feels good to be contributing to something outside of the house.  It feels good to be contributing to the household income.  And it feels good to be so busy that I don’t know how it will all get done.  

Does this play into a lot of the expectations and beliefs that are so prevalent in Type-A City?  The expectations and beliefs that I have been rebelling against?  Yes. Does this mean I am a sell out? Perhaps.  Am I ok with that?  Right now, I am.  

For now, I will embrace my yuppie-ness but will hold on tight to my hippie qualities.  I am like a crunchy-granola-yuppie.  Pass the organic, omega-3 fortified soy chips, please.


One Response to “Sell Out?”

  1. Mad-Dog's Mama Says:

    good for you! feeling more balanced and more like yourself can ONLY enhance your feelings of satisfaction with being a mom…no matter where you live and what kind of type-Aholes you are surrounded by 😉

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