Lorelei v. Det. Jimmy McNulty

January 9, 2009


I had a great talk with a friend the other day about the choices that we all have to make in balancing work and family.  Whether it is whether or not to work (if you are lucky enough to have that be a choice), what kind of work schedule you will have in order to balance work and family obligations, or what kind of child care you can afford so that your kids are safe and happy while you are at work.  We are always making choices.  And often we regret those choices.

My friend is struggling with whether it is ok for her to stop working in order to be home with kids for the next couple of years.  A struggle I completely relate to.  She is worried, as I often am, that if she stops working for a while she will be sacrificing her career. 

It is kind of like when you are struggling with what to put at the top of your Netflix queue.  Do you put Gilmore Girls- the feel good, smart family drama?  Or do you put The Wire- the gritty, critically acclaimed drama that makes for great dinner party conversation?  Once you start a series you gotta see it through to the end- so which is it gonna be?  

There is no right answer.  In the end, it all depends on what you want to be able to talk more fluently about at the next dinner party- the mean streets of Baltimore or whether or not Rory should have ended up with Logan.  And, remember, you can always start one series once the other is over…


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