Sugar Daddies

January 12, 2009


There was a recent discussion on the XX factor about sugar daddies and work/family balance.  The two sort of bled together- i.e., wouldn’t it be easier to make decisions about work/family balance if we had a sugar daddy?  There were a lot of mixed responses in the conversation but it got me thinking.

A number of my friends have talked to me about how they always imagined that they would marry a guy who made the majority of the income so that they (the women) would be able to choose whether or not to work while their kids still had access to camps, special activities, etc.  I think a lot of us have this fantasy.

But what I have been realizing recently is that even if the fantasy was a reality- it wouldn’t change a lot of the really difficult part of the decision-making.  The struggles over how to build your own career when you are taking time off, over what that means in terms of your independence, and what it does to your earning power, all would still be issues to face.  Not to mention the feminist struggles that go along with it all.

So in the end it would be like the candy- sweet and tasty but in the end probably not worth it cause you are always fishing the remainders out of your teeth.


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