True Story

January 15, 2009


So my mother-in-law can be a bit anxious.  And I am constantly trying to reassure her that things are ok (read: I try to prove that I am a good, relaxed mother).  Sometimes, it doesn’t come out the way I mean it…

Today she came over to watch the baby for a bit while I had a conference call.  It was a huge help.  As I was on my way upstairs to take the call I heard her telling the baby not to eat something.  I looked back and said, “yeah, he has been eating fluff off of the carpet- it is really gross.”  She said, “No, he ate some sort of plant!”  My reaction?

“Oh.  Well, both of those plants are edible, so it should be fine.”

Her: “But it was long and thin, it could get stuck in his throat.” (it was rosemary)

Me: “That’s ok.  It is so thin that the worst thing that would happen is that he would cough. He’ll be ok.”

I really was just trying to reassure her but in the end it came out sounding incredibly callous.  I do care about what my baby puts in his mouth- I swear!  And at the same time, it is true- a rosemary needle is not going to hurt him…


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