Juggling Sucks

January 16, 2009


After seven and a half months the baby had finally gotten over the spitting up phase.  It was a beautiful thing.  Then, about a week ago, the spitting up came back.  With a foul-smelling, halitosis-causing, vengeance.  So we went to the doctor today, just to make sure it wasn’t anything other than spitting up.  That meant, though, that we had to miss our baby yoga class and his morning nap (read: my time to get work done).  

Luckily everything is fine.

But where did that leave me this afternoon?  With a grumpy, needy baby and a deadline fast approaching.  So in my desperate state I put him down for his nap, praying that he would sleep for longer than his normal 40 minutes.  Did he? Of course not.  Instead he woke up after only 25 minutes.  So what did I do?  Did I stick to the rules of nap training? Nope.  I plucked him out of his crib, shushed him back to sleep, and lay down on the couch to balance baby, cat, and work on my lap. 

Maybe I broke the rules for nap training and maybe I have set myself up for disaster next week.  But I got my work almost done and I will be able to make my deadline. 

I guess that is what happens when you are juggling baby, work, and puddles of puke.  Happy Friday.


One Response to “Juggling Sucks”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Glad to hear everything is okay. Great job balancing. I am sure you will be all set for next week, and hey…rules are meant to be broken! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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