A new day!

January 21, 2009

My husband, brother, and I braved the cold and crowds yesterday to go to the Mall for the inauguration of Barack Obama.  Sadly, although probably responsibly, we left the baby with his grandparents.


It was an amazing experience.  Election night was the first time in my life I was proud to be an American.  Yesterday was the first time I felt as if I was truly part of the American people.  The crowd was so inspiring, positive, and celebratory.  It really made my hopes for the Obama administration feel all that more real- that with the support of the American people he can make true change at home and abroad.

As a mother, I found so much hope in being there and seeing so many people who are dedicated to this movement of change.  It also reinvigorated my desire to do more in my career that will leave a positive mark on the world.  As I have been debating what direction I hope to go in- the university world or the nonprofit world- I am feeling a greater pull to return to the nonprofit sector.  Who knows what is to come, but for now.  I am all about doing my part.  

I also somehow feel further dedicated to being a present and active parent.  That the other part of make a change in the world is to be an involved (but not hovering) parent.  Which brings it all back to the work/life balance issue.  Somehow, though, it feels more like anything is possible.

Cheesy? Perhaps.  But it feels good to have that faith restored not only in my own path but also in the path of this nation.

Thank you, President Obama!


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