January 30, 2009

So today F worked from home so that he could watch the baby while I went to the dentist (again).  You would think that having another adult in the house would help a lot, even if one of us was working… not so much.

While there were moments that it was nice.  For the most part I found it to be more complicated.  For instance, for the times when I would normally leave the baby in the pack n play for a minute or two (i.e., to run to pee), instead I was asking F if he could watch him.  Sounds good, right?  Wrong.  Because I would then worry that  I was keeping him from doing his work. Stupid.

So, in the end, I think it ended up being a more exhausting day for both F and me because we were on edge the whole time, skirting around each other, trying not to step on each other’s toes, while also multi-tasking.  It felt a little bit like that gameshow from a couple of years ago where you answered trivia questions while sitting in a room where they keep cranking up the heat or otherwise making you physically uncomfortable.  At some point the sweat in your eyes is just going to sting a little too much. 

PS-Sorry, too tired for a picture.


One Response to “TGIF?”

  1. Madeleine's Mama Says:

    Oh, we know that dance very well. Having a home office for C to work from *seems* great…and it *is* great…BUT. What about that day he decides to work from home and M is having a total fit? Or won’t nap? Or whatever? We have worked hard to create reasonable boundaries around our respective roles when we’re at home…so why do I sometimes end up way more involved on “his” day at home with our kid than he does when he happens to be working from home and we’re all here? Hm…It’s gotten a lot better, but still occasionally requires some negotiating and even, dare I say it, processing.

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