Beep Beep!

February 4, 2009


There was an article in the Post yesterday about how the neighborhood with the longest commute in the nation is in our area.  Not only that, but three other neighborhoods in the region made the top 12! Yet again, proof that we are a special breed of workaholic crazoids.

Now in my own selfish way I am grateful to the people who are willing to live that far away because it means that I am able to live where I live (can you imagine how much more out of control the housing prices would be if everyone wanted to live within walking distance of the Metro- yeesh!).  But at the risk of putting my housing status in jeopardy I have to say- I cannot imagine spending so much time in the car going to and from work!

Now, of course, somedays I kind of wish that I had a long commute because it would mean time to myself- and some days even hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic sounds pretty nice if it would mean time by myself.

I also got thinking about how these families make such a long commute work. I would guess that for most, one spouse is at least working closer to home, if not staying at home.  And, my question there is: how does that spouse manage it?! That many hours alone with the kids?!  It makes me nauseous just thinking about having to do that myself.

Like I said, though, I am grateful to the people who are buying into that life, because otherwise I’d be stuck out there, twiddling my thumbs, pulling out my hair, and praying for my kid to take a nap (even more than I already do).


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