Eight is Enough

February 6, 2009

I resisted blogging about the whole Octuplets story that has taken over the national interest but I guess I can’t stop myself. It is just too huge to pass up. 


The Simpsons

image credit: The Simpsons

The story makes me deeply sad.  There is so much out there about who is to blame- the mother, the doctors- that I don’t think that is even worth talking about.  But I did read a headline about how the outpouring of support- offers of free baby food, diapers, babysitting, etc.- that normally comes with the birth of large sets of multiples has not happened.  And while I understand people’s outrage and frustration with the mother, I feel like this is really punishing the babies and the other children. And that’s not fair.

It isn’t their fault that they were born.  And they are still going to need diapers, formula (cause, no mother can breast feed eight babies!), and additional caretakers.  Yes, it may be giving the mother additional attention that she craves, but it seems like that should be put aside for the benefit of the eight babies and six other siblings.  So get generous Pampers and Similac and Babies R Us- this is your time to shine!

And, final thought, I really feel for the six older siblings.  Eight more siblings arriving at once! Yeesh! I couldn’t even handle the one when my brother arrived (yes, the rumors are true- I pulled him off a table). I hope they get lots of freebies too!


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