Salma Hayek Rocks My World

February 11, 2009

As I was reading through my favorite blogs today I came across discussions of Salma Hayek breastfeeding a starving one-week-old baby while on a humanitarian mission in Sierra Leone.  

First of all, while this could have been a god-awful-holier-than-thou moment for her.  In fact, she was gracious, warm, and just flat out maternal.  It came across as a truly genuine act- not a play for more camera time.  And, really, that is what humanitarian missions should be about (you listening, Angelina, Jessica, etc., etc.). So props, Salma!

It also got me thinking about the raging debate over breastfeeding and the concept of wet nurses.  Now, in this case, I think what Salma did was really wonderful and if I were in a similar situation I would definitely offer up my services.  But overall I think that wet nurses and breast milk banks cross a line. 


Can you say "

Can you say "Moo"?


I know breast milk has all kind of wonderful nutrients and anti-bodies and I know that it is helpful for babies in many, many ways.  But I just feel like sometimes we get so wrapped up in the virtues of breast feeding that we throw out the good for the perfect.  And that, perhaps, formula serves some important purposes too.  

Our baby has recently started the weening process and I have got to say that the non-breast milk bottles are not only really nice for me (I am increasingly feeling less bovine in nature), but they are great for my husband and baby too.  It gives them quiet and meaningful time together that is not dependent on what I produce with the help of My Friend Medela.


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