Please, Poison My Child

February 12, 2009

I heard this terrifying piece on NPR this morning about the dangerous chemicals that are in baby toys, pacifiers, bottles, teething rings, etc.  This week a ban on phthalates goes into effect but the new question is: what did they replace the phthalates with?

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The thing I don’t get is why companies would use ANY of these chemicals?! Isn’t the idea behind these products to help children.  I know that it is all about their bottom line and what will make them the most money but how do they sleep at night? I mean, messing with testosterone levels?! That is like Children of Man but real!

And then I think about all the things we jump to take out of their hands and mouth because they aren’t “safe” and, instead, offer them some soft, plastic baby toy that it turns out is no better.  Pretty ironic.

Part of me feels like, you can’t control everything and there are always going to be dangerous chemicals, sharp objects, etc., etc.  So is it even worth doing something about the things I already have in my house.  But I think in this case I am going to replace/toss out the offending objects- or at least the ones M puts in his mouth all the time.  The new phthalate-free products are supposedly on the shelves now and I am going to head out to buy some today.  Maybe I am being stupid since, really, we don’t know what is in these things and who knows which is worse- phalates or the next chemical.  But I just can’t face watching M suck on his pacifier as he sleeps- I’ll just keep thinking about his manhood being messed with.

So what do you think? Am I an overparenting sucker of a mom?  Or am I right to take this step?


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