Feel Good Friday

February 27, 2009

Warning: If you are an uptight WASP like me, the following post may fill your schmalz quotient for the week….

Listening to Storycorps is a Friday morning must in our household.  If anyone is talking when it starts they get a curt, “shh!” from me.  Apparently I actually scared my husband this morning when I told him to be quiet (eek).  In any case, this morning’s installment get me thinking.

It was a mother and son talking about how she and her husband raised the kids while working in the fields as day laborers.  Not only did she work long, hard days in the fields with her kids hanging out in the back of the pickup truck, but she also managed to get her GED.  Seriously impressive.

The other thing that was striking was how proud of his mother the son was.  How her strength and hard work left an amazing impression on him.  It just shows how what we do, even when our kids are small, has a lasting impact. 

And it made me realize how pathetic my belly-aching about career angst and not getting enough work really is.  Of course those things are stressful but it is also important to keep in mind that I am truly blessed.  My husband is employed in a good job, my kid is happy and healthy, both my husband and I have solid educations in our back pockets.  We are a whole lot of lucky. 

So I am going to enjoy all that I have and not be such a stress-ball… at least for the rest of the afternoon…


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