Gobs of Goop

March 2, 2009

Poor Gwyneth Paltrow.  Both she and her Goop have really been getting panned recently.  It must be hard to be so “fortunate” and to not be taken seriously as a lifestyle guru.  

All sarcasm aside, though, I actually find the attacks to be a bit much. The thing is, while I actually agree with much of the criticism and find the site’s content to be close to intolerable (her description of her expression of emotions to her children makes me cringe for poor Apple and Moses!), I also find the attacks to be a bit disingenuous.  The truth is, she is just doing what many of us bloggers are doing- albeit without the comments.  I mean, really, what is the difference between her practice in narcissism and my own (or of that a crafting blog or a parenting blog or an exercise blog) other than a whole lot of money to make it look pretty and professional and insane connections?

Sure, she has a whole host of people writing for her and all kinds of “experts” sharing their “wisdom,” but it is basically a site chock-full of thoughts and suggestions on fashion, cooking, travel, parenting.  Perhaps what makes people unhappy and uncomfortable is that her narcissism is so blatant and reminds us that we are all guilty of the same thing- believing that we have something special or some gift that needs to be shared.

In any case, I say if we are going to do our thing then we have to let her do hers. Just cause it is out there doesn’t mean we need to follow her detoxing regimen…


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