More pot roast, honey?

March 3, 2009


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In the midst of a dearth of  work projects and, therefore, not bringing in any money, I have been trying to do the next best thing and help us economize as much as possible.  Which means that I have been going into full domestic mode- including making a pot roast last night- move over, Donna Reed.

While the productivity and money saving is great, at least I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for work, it also makes the feminist in me incredibly uncomfortable.  I feel like I am betraying my principles by slipping into the traditional role of keeping the house running while my husband brings in the money.

While I knew that this was a risk of being self-employed and working from home and while I am someone who loves to cook and organize things, I have been shocked to see how quickly I have fallen into the all-t0-familiar role.  I know that it makes a lot of logical sense- if I am not working then saving money by eating out less is important and my cooking so that we can eat at a reasonable time is prudent- but each night as I put the food on the plates I can’t help but wonder: is this really how things should be?  Have I sold out?


3 Responses to “More pot roast, honey?”

  1. Will Says:

    Sold out? Not sure what you think you might have sold or to whom, but I’d say no.

    Is this how things should be? Hmm, things are as they are. The question in my mind is “Is this how I want things to be right now?” On that I have no idea, but in our very similar situation Joyce and I discuss it all the time and we certainly THINK ours is the right choice. For now.

    And in three months when you are so busy you can’t imagine getting it all done, remember this time.

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  3. Helen Says:

    Maybe it is not a bad thing to wonder about alternatives. In a sense it is allowing doors to remain open. But it should not eat at you so that there can be no contentment with the place you are now – at least you can have doors open with a breeze blowing through. It is not as stuffy as if all doors were slammed shut and locked.

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