Action, Passion, and Apathy?

March 9, 2009

Last night I was chatting with my dad about his volunteering experience this past weekend helping out a young couple who were involved in a domestic disturbance.  We got talking about my past work with volunteers interested in supporting survivors of sexual assault and the parallels in the work.  It was a lot of fun.  Towards the end of the conversation my dad mentioned that he could tell that I really missed the work.  Which I do. Deeply.  

I think that is part of the reason that the common assumption that our generation is apathetic or has no “fire in the belly” ticks me off so much! I know that many of my friends are incredibly passionate about the work they are doing.  I know many people from our generation who are working for social justice. It may be different work and it may be different approaches, but we are just as passionate and just as determined to leave the world a better place as the baby boomer generation that is, in many cases, holding onto the power.  

Sometimes I think that all of their criticism of our generation is an excuse to keep holding onto the power that they have.  Because who want to leave their legacy in the hands of an apathetic generation?!

Some blame also has to go, though, to those self-appointed spokespeople of our generation who talk about our apathy- that includes you, John Mayer! What happened to generational loyalty?  Did Punky Brewster, Diff’rent Strokes, and Facts of Life teach us nothing about looking out for one another?

So, for those of you who are out there making change- keep it up! For those of you who, like me, are focused on other things for a brief stint but anxiously awaiting the opportunity to jump back in- don’t give up the faith!


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