The Helicopter Generation?

March 10, 2009

The Times had an interesting article about the Silent Generation, people who grew up during the Great Depression, and what patterns seen in that generation may tell us about the generation of kids growing up in this recession.  Apparently, the Silent Generation was incredibly cautious- looking for stability and safety over adventure and challenge.  

When thinking about the generation that is growing up in the midst of this recession I can’t help but think that they are destined to be cautious and fearful, what with the tense times and the helicopter parenting, which itself may be a manifestation of the tense times- when things feel out of control you gotta be able to control something, so why not try and control your kids and their environment?

While I understand the need to protect and shield our kids from hardship and while I definitely don’t want to be a party to the over-sharing that occurred in later generations (I still get the heebie jeebies when I think of my friend’s mom walking around the house naked when I stayed over for a sleepover),  I do think that there is a danger in overprotecting our kids and not letting them try new things.

So even while times may be tough and we may need to protect our kids from that, I say we still gotta let our kids be kids and let them get out there and play.


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