Oh, She’s Just Hormonal

April 2, 2009

Research like this new study that supposedly shows that women are more impulsive in the 10 days leading up to their period makes me livid.  Not only is the science, with such a small sample size (443) and such limited questions, just pathetic, but it is also using the cover of research to perpetuate myths and assumptions that are completely off the mark. 

We all have days of impulsivity- it is part of what makes us human.  How many times have we heard the stereotypical equivalent story of guys going out and buying some ridiculous new TV or game system?  No one is calling them hormonal.  It is just part of being a person- sometimes you have to make bad decisions, you have to let off steam, and, yes, sometimes you are going to regret those decisions.

It reminds me of bullshit “science” that told us that certain races were smarter than others and that women were well-suited for certain jobs.  We don’t need this kind of small-mindedness out there, especially from researchers. 

But, who knows, maybe I’m just hormonal…


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