All the Cool Kids Are Doing It…

April 9, 2009

In the interest of total honesty I should say that while I am very social and love spending time with friends and peers, I am not a joiner.  I’m not big on book clubs, I’m not one to have a big group of girlfriends that all go out together, and I always find a reason to avoid signing up for a whole session of a class- opting instead to be the drop-in student who goes to the back of the room.  So my visceral reaction to the profile of The Bowery Babes, an elite and exclusive mommy’s group in NYC is probably not all that surprising, and yet…

The idea of a mommy’s group that selects its participants based on an exchange of letters which will help to determine whether an applicant’s intentions are “pure” makes me crazy.  Motherhood, especially early motherhood, is an incredibly lonely time.  Your world has been turned on its head and all of your priorities and lifestyle choices are called into question.  At a time like that, why on earth would other mothers be exclusive in their decision about whether or not to let you into their bougie, Bloomingdales-visiting group?!  That doesn’t sounds more like the move of a high school diva than a “connector of souls” to me.


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