Of Mice and Women

April 13, 2009


The news that researchers in China have found a way to encourage the reproductive systems of female mice to continue to generate new eggs past their normal fertility age is, I grant you, an interesting new twist in fertility for women, but am I the only one who also finds it disturbing?


Now as someone who is adamantly pro-choice and has also benefitted from fertility research I absolutely believe that a woman has the right to all reproductive choices and I am not saying this option shouldn’t exist, but I have to say… are we serious?!  I mean, there are days when my almost-toddler completely flattens me and I am only 30.  I can’t imagine having a toddler at 55 or 60, let alone a 12-year-old at 67 or 72!  I guess I just feel like maybe there is a reason that our bodies go into menopause…


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