Banishing Bedtime?

April 29, 2009

Call me anal and uptight, if you will, but I’m a big fan of bedtimes.  I think it is important to keep little ones on a bedtime schedule for a lot of reasons, both selfish (i like nightly glass of wine to be uninterrupted) and responsible (they need the sleep to gr0w).  But last night we threw the bedtime out in favor of getting out for a bit.  We dropped M off at a friends’ house and went out for dinner and drinks with some other friends.  Even thought M wasn’t able to fall asleep at their house, and therefore got to bed very, very late, he had a good time and our time out was fantastic- especially because it felt incredibly decadent and naughty to be out on a school night.  

While I was dreading the repercussions that would come today, M actually has been doing ok and managed to get caught up on some sleep with good, long naps. 

So it got me thinking: while bedtimes and schedules are incredibly important for the day-to-day life, it is also important to change things up a bit every now and then.  It is good for us as adults to feel like we still have some freedom and access to the real world, and maybe it is even good for the kids because it helps them to remain flexible.  There is an important (and selfish) caveat to all of this- I think it is especially important that these exceptions be made for fun activities for the parents and not for obligations, these nights should be special treats that allow us to glance back to our lives before we had kids and should serve to remind us that, despite the spit-up and diapers and silly sound effects, we are still our own people and still a couple, independent of our children.

What do you all think? Am I fooling myself? Or is there something to this new theory of mine?


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