My Life is One Big Pathetic Fallacy

May 8, 2009

Just when I couldn’t take it anymore- when the rain, the lack of outside stimulation, and the pressure to protect my child from swine flu was about to make me insane, the sun came out.  It came out yesterday and has continued to shine today- it is like a new, fresh world out there!  At the same time, things started moving forward in my professional life and I was able to go out with two wonderful women friends for a long, gossip-filled dinner last night.  All in all, I feel like my life is one big pathetic fallacy.

It also reminds me of a lesson my mother passed on when M was a newborn: just when you are ready to kill them, they do something amazing to make it all worth it.  I feel like that is true of life in many ways, just when you think you are going to break, you turn a corner.  So I am all hope and anticipation.

So off I got to enjoy the weather and play with M and F.  Have a great weekend!


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