A failure in balance

May 15, 2009

On Monday I got an email from one of my clients asking if I could turn around a project by Thursday.  On a normal week it would have been rough, but this week I had tons of plans that I couldn’t/didn’t want to cancel so it was going to be extra tough.  But money is money.  So I said yes.  The next day he sent a second, smaller project that had an even shorter turn around time.  So what did that mean? A SUPER busy week.  I tried to look at it as a short-term experiment in work/life balance. The results?  Not so pretty.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • After two nights with very little sleep, still setting my alarm for 5:30am to get work done before anyone else got up
  • Almost no exercise, which equals unhappy me
  • Thinking the stair gate was closed and only finding out it wasn’t when I heard M crawling upstairs!!! (he was just fine and actually very pleased with himself but, man, that was a scary moment)
  • Eating a lot of junk
  • A breakout of small, stress zits

So what does this tell me?  That multi-tasking, work/life balance stuff is still a work in progress.  What else is new, right?  Ah well, at least it is Friday!


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