A Table for Two

May 26, 2009

We got back late last night from a wonderful extra-long weekend at the shore with family.  It was an immensely relaxing weekend including lots of outside time with M (beach, watering plants, going for walks, etc.).  But the highlight was definitely the time that F and I had, just the two of us.  It was really wonderful to be able to reconnect the way we did- a day in The City, a walk on the beach, a game of cards- we were able to enjoy time together without having to rush back to take care of M.  

It made me realize, yet again, how important it is to have that time with your partner.  We aren’t just parents, we are also a couple.  And while I love my son more than anything, I also adore my husband and want to make sure that relationship continues to flourish outside of parenthood.

It is really hard to find time to balance all that we have on our plates, but it is also important to not lose sight of the important relationships that contribute to making our lives livable.  And this is on both partners to do.  We both need to make time for each other, put in the extra effort to work out the details so it can happen, and power through exhaustion when necessary.  

I may not be the center of my husband’s world in the same way I once was, but it is nice to be able to go back to that a little bit every once in a while…


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