The Politics of Parenting?

June 1, 2009

A study recently came out that showed that fathers of daughters tend to be more liberal (supporting reproductive rights, public service programs, etc.), while fathers of sons tend to be more conservative (supporting lower taxes and less spending on social services).  They argue that this shows that men become more liberal as they see the world through the eyes of women, that through experiencing the female perspective they become more interested in the public good.  Are you serious??!

Now I know I am an uber-liberal and am, in general, surrounded by guys who are pretty enlightened, but I refuse to buy into the idea that men need to be exposed to the female perspective in order to wish better for the world.  Nor do I believe that men who are surrounded by men are more likely to support individual good over greater good.

If I am being naive and this really is the case, then I worry for our kids even more than I already did.  What does that say about the messages we are sending our kids, especially our sons, about how one relates to the world?  Are we teaching our sons that they should only look out for themselves?  Are we sending the message that supporting the community and those who are less fortunate is not masculine?  And what does that then tell them about gender roles and how they should treat others? 

I would hope that as parents we are able to teach our sons and our daughters the importance of the greater good, but also the importance of self-advocacy.


One Response to “The Politics of Parenting?”

  1. alyssa Says:

    this is crap. we are a family of women (mostly) and my uncle is as conservative as they come (unfortunately!).

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