We did it! F, M, and I survived five days worth of first birthday insanity!  M turned one yesterday which meant that a whole lot of family came in for the party on Saturday.  We had representatives from five states and two continents!!  

Overall it was a great success including a wonderful visit from my parents and making it through one dinner for eight, one dinner for ten, one brunch for eight, and a birthday party for sixteen adults and two babies- all in the course of three days.  Needless to say, the child got an insane number of gifts (many of which will add to my toy angst)- we may need a bigger house…


So sick of the toys

March 12, 2009




Is anyone else so sick of their kids toys that they could scream? I swear, I can’t even look at some of them anymore.  I know I am supposed to be creative and come up with new ways to use the toys so that M doesn’t get sick of them and continues to learn from them.  But, honestly, I am not that creative.  I can’t think of anything else to do with some of these toys.  I am really committed to not having too many toys and to using things that are already around the house, I believe it is important both to save money and to avoid being a consumerist sucker… but I am actually starting to see why parents are constantly buy their kids new toys- it is just as much for them as it is for their kids!

So, please, share your ideas with me for cheap and easy things to do with old toys and/or things around the house!  Stop me from a fate worse than labor- a trip to Toys R Us!!

After a not-so-pleasurable trip to the dentist this afternoon, I arrived home to find a giant box at our front door.  So I put the baby down, made sure the cat wasn’t trying to escape, and then lugged the box over the threshold and into the house.  Knowing and dreading what was inside I avoided the box for a good hour– nursing the baby, calling my mom, eating a snack, etc. When I did get to opening the box it was just what I had feared it would be: another toy!!


Now, I know I should be grateful for all of the love that people are showing our child by buying him lots and lots and LOTS of toys. I am, in fact, incredibly grateful for it all and the thought that has gone into all of the gifts.  But it has got to stop.  

I can’t take any more versions of “If you’re having and you know, clap your hands.”  I can’t take any more ugly, garishly-colored plastic monkeys.  I can’t take another “developmentally appropriate,” activity-driven machine that actually prescribes what my kid should be doing rather than just letting him play and explore the world around him.

What is wrong with his plastic mixing bowl and measuring cups? What’s inadequate about his blocks? Didn’t kids play happily and develop appropriately with those toys for years and years?  Why do the toy companies have to play with our insecurities and push these new toys and being necessary?

And let’s be honest, it isn’t as if the Fisher-Price Sing-Along Toy is going to guarantee my child’s entrance into an elite college or university (even if that were the end all, be all).