Mile-High Tango

February 19, 2009

Well, we not only survived the whirlwind trip to California but the baby did so with some serious panache (the same cannot be said of the husband and me).  

Signs of the week to come were clear from the six-hour plan ride out to the West Coast.  Not only did M not cry, but he made friends with the three rows surrounding us.  He was a flirting machine.  He especially put on the charm for two, very hot, young Argentine couples.  By half-way through the flight he was sitting in the lap of one of the women.  And at the end of the flight, all four of them shook his hand as he smiled his two-tooth smile and batted his ridiculously long eyelashes.  No drinking problems, no vomiting up eggs, no inflatable pilots, just overdoses in baby cuteness.



And the rest of the trip was like that.  Whenever people were around, he was wide awake, cheerful, and all smiles.  It made the trip so much easier. 

I think the other thing that helped was that everywhere we went people were friendly and insanely excited to flirt with a baby.  People were constantly stopping us on the street, talking to him, smiling, and striking up conversations.  It felt like a different world from Type-A City where it is rare for people to even acknowledge the baby, even when he is smiling at them.

So while we all may still be jet-lagged, not really know which way is up, and fighting off colds, at least we know that our child is a social butterfly of epic proportions who will rise to any occasion, especially if there is a hot argentine woman involved…